Save Our Sports on the River Thames: STOP THE PIER

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Fulham Football Club wants to build a pier that will extend 85 metres into the middle of river.

It will create a significant navigational obstruction at a location that is already a natural bottleneck especially at low tide.

This is one of the most busy stretches of water for boating activities in the UK given the rowing, sailing and sea cadets/scouts clubs nearby.

It is an important sporting and recreational venue for schools, youngsters and adults who wish to learn something new, and for local, national and international racing.

The pier will pose a dangerous hazard as boats converge to avoid it in constricted, tidal waters. Risks of collision, serious injury and death will escalate.

In addition, the pier will service passenger ferries whose regular schedules will extend up river from their present limit at Putney Bridge, thereby encroaching into this busy boating area.

These 38 metre-long vessels with powerful engines and manoeuvring thrusters will dominate the use of the water. On match days, these ferries will be backed up along the river awaiting a berth to offload their passengers.

Each ferry will need to turn around to go back down river; they will block most of the river on every occasion compounding the navigational dangers.

Today’s sporting and recreational use of the river will be destroyed.

The clubs are unanimous, please help us to save our unique water-borne complex, something that has helped to define our community in south west London for over 100 years.

Save Our Sports on the River, and Stop the Pier by signing this petition.

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