Aug 06

Bevington 12 – John’s report

Bevington 12, Sunday 28th July 2019 Race Officers: John P and Martin G. Safety Boat: Hugh and Roland A grey day with a good, easy sailing wind, until a 23mph gust prompted careful sailors to promptly spill wind and so depower and then (as I can well remember) wonder how... read more →
Aug 06

Bevington 9 – John’s report

SUNDAY 30th JUNE, BEVINGTON 9 Race Officers: John P and Abbi Safety Boat: Matthias and Sebastian It was a lovely day, it had everything from calms that would see you carried back just as you were about to win, to planing gusts that could have you over just as you were about... read more →
Aug 01

Bevington 7 – Digby’s report

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as the sailors gathered for Race 7 of the Bevington Series, which looked to be a gentle sail around the buoys, with the wind hovering around 5 knots, but flickering and flukey, like the light from a poorly wired bulb in an old house.... read more →
Jul 19

Bevington 11 – Katharine’s report

Sunday 14th July Bevington Series Race 11 On Sunday at 10am with NNW Winds 8-9 mph gusting 14, preparations were underway for the Bevington Race around the buoys. RO Jane S-H and Assistant RO new member Katherine (that would be me!) orientating to the role. Jane with leg brace in... read more →
Jun 10


Bevington Downriver Series Race 6 After a fairly strong wind on Saturday, there wasn’t much left for any of the Sunday sailors. It varied between 4mph and 8mph, and at times it wasn’t fully clear to the Race Officer where it was actually coming from. In the Race Officer Boat... read more →
Jun 05
May 21
Apr 22


Goodwin Series Race 12   When you are given the opportunity to pick the date of your sailing duty, you are fairly certain that Sunday 14 April 2019 would be a warm and sunny spring day. We did indeed see the sun, but there was a very cold (and moderately... read more →
Apr 07
Mar 20

Goodwin 9th – JOHN’S REPORT

Storm Freya loomed and the Thames was battleship grey. We planned a brief “round the buoys” with thoughts of early retirements. Five boats began to rig, not foolhardy but certainly hardy, reduced rigs all round for the Lasers. Allan & Steph’s acknowledgement of the weather was to take the Wayfarer... read more →