Jun 07

Bevington 4 – Richards report

Bevington 4 Downriver The wind was 10 gusting 18, so the Bevington Downriver looked like a great Sunday sail. Hot on the heels of the AGM, we had an excellent turnout of 11 boats, including Johnny’s new Solo, which is nothing short of beautiful. He looked proud! The line up... read more →
May 30

Bevington 3 – Jane’s report

Sunday 28th May was set fair...but still. I mean STILL. Still...six boats were rigged by sailors who laughed in the face of the non-existent breeze. Allan & Steph, Sara, Tom, Cristina, Sally & Amy crossed the line for the downriver race. It was less sailing than drifting.  Sally provided the... read more →
May 24

Bevington 2 – Ben and Sina’s report

It was Sunday 21st of May, a downriver Bevington, the jewel in the crown of the SBSC series. In the northern parlance it was literally “cracking the flags” with 9-11 mph winds in a toasty 24 degrees centigrade. Some might say perfect weather to go boating. The initial pre-race drama only... read more →
May 23

Bevington 1 – Emmas report

Sunday was a lovely day out at SBSC. The weather was rather cold and cloudy. The wind speed was apparently 4 knots. Unlucky for some, thirteen boats (possibly 14/15 boats but it's now Wednesday and a lot has happened since Sunday morning)  were soon quickly rigged out on the tow... read more →
May 06
May 02

Goodwin 14 – Toms report

This past Sunday morning the weather was actually fairly pleasant with sunny skies and a respectable temperature just around rigging time.  But, a bank holiday weekend possibly kept numbers down, and so we had five boats ready to race for the latest Goodwin down river.  The boat roster consisted of... read more →
May 01
Apr 24

Goodwin 13 – Sara’s report

Sunday 23rd April - St George's Day, the London Marathon and the French first round of their General Election process.  But all eyes at the club were focused on WindGuru and the very light southerly  wind which was on the menu for yes    terday's race.  Ana, Hugh and Maya hadn't seen... read more →
Apr 21

Goodwin 12 – Janes report

Easter Sunday 16th April:Goodwin 12 Downriver race with club open at 10AM The race team: in safety boat 1 Race Officer Paul Elliott with 'mini me' son Joshua and Jane S-H. In safety boat 2 (and in charge of safety) Armand ably assisted by new member Elli Sallie (joined after... read more →
Apr 10

Goodwin 11 – Andy’s report

12 boats lined up for Goodwin 11 today, being one Enterprise, one Albacore, two Solos and the remainder being lasers (all with full rigs).        Goodwin 11 was sailed today in 11 knots, gusting to 15 at times. With a Southerly, the typical three-buoy course was set, meaning... read more →