Nov 28

Campbell Race 9 – Sun 27th November

Something obviously stirred in our sailors this grey winter's morning, because a fleet a dozen-strong turned out for the upriver race. The North Easterly wind got Allan and I thinking - let's try something different. So a 3 buoy course was laid on the South Bank, with the bottom buoy... read more →
Nov 22

Campbell Race 8 – November 20th

With Storm “Angus” pummelling the UK’s coastlines, gusts of 106mph were recorded off the Kent coast and up to 59mm of rainfall resulted in widespread flooding and major incidents across the UK. The forecast for the Thames was somewhat less biblical but nonetheless formidable with gusts of 32kts and six... read more →
Nov 09

Campbell Race 7- 6th November 2016

Following the bonfire extravaganza we had a great turnout for today's downriver on a sunny and windy but cold day. The wind scared most into taking cut down sails but dropped down just in time for the start.  I had the dream team of Armand, Ben, Sam and potential new... read more →
Nov 07

Campbell Race 6 – Jens Report

Campbell Race 6 Campbell Race #6 commenced with Jen trying her hand at Race Officer for the day, ably assisted by the stylish Bob Jackson in the SBSC safety boat. Luckily for everyone, Jane Deith caught the glimmer of fear in Jen’s eyes at running the race alone and gracefully... read more →
Oct 24
Oct 13

Wednesday Sailing – October 12th 2016

This week we had sailing on the Wednesday and although it wasn't scheduled it was  great success. Hakan a new member was introduced to the club for the first time and had a great sail even though he was unfamiliar with the intricacies of rigging the laser and within a... read more →
Oct 06

Campbell 4 – Joes report

   (2nd October 2016) The Thames Barrier was up for testing, so the river was more like a trickle and the current was almost non existent. Helping matters was a positive northerly that meant we had wind down the entire stretch. The name of the game would be to complete the... read more →
Sep 30

John Cope Trophy – Richards report

  The John Cope race is a downriver consisting of two separate races, with the combined results counting for the trophy. We had a variable weather forecast – some sun, some clouds and probably some rain. We also a strong wind of 14 knots with gusts of up to 19,... read more →
Sep 29
Sep 18

Campbell 3 – Ollie’s Report

The countdown to the race began as soon as the last trolley was pulled from the water, during a lull in the stream of rowers. A mishap from Dan J left him over the line following the bell, so while the fleet barrelled up the river to the first gate... read more →