Apr 25

Fun races! 11th April 2021

Results: 1 x Sausage - Henry 1 x Triangle - Jakob (close!) 2 x Triangle - Renato 1 x Reverse triangle - Henry 2 x Reverse triangle - Jakob 1 x Sausage then triangle - Renato 2 x as above - Renato Triangle then race back to the club -... read more →
Dec 23

Campbell Trophy Race 7 – Digby’s report

13th December 2020. It was a cold and relatively crisp Sunday morning, as I drove to the boat club for my first visit since the last round of government ordained hibernation. I was looking forward to it, notwithstanding a slight lingering sense of shame at my only having come to... read more →
Dec 09

Campbell Trophy Race 6 – Meredith’s report

Sunday 6th December 2020. This was the first race after lockdown 2.0 with a slightly wonky start courtesy of Henry the safety boat...nevertheless, we got out and drifted down river with little to no wind.  Henry, Marc, Renato and Jakob in Lasers, Sara in her Solo and James & Toni... read more →
Nov 02

Campbell Trophy Race 5 – Joseph’s report

Sunday 1st November 2020. In the race box:  Joseph Cabon & Anthony Wort On the safety boat:  Sara Bennett & Toby Hunston The river was showing its favourite grey, choppy surface as the six single-handers launched their boats. The wind was WSW as expected but somewhat weaker than forecast.  Everyone... read more →
Oct 04
Sep 28
Sep 16
Sep 09

Campbell Trophy Race 1 – Renato’s report

Sunday 6th September 2020. On a historic day, SBSC returned to the normality of trophy races after a summer filled with an infinite number of joyful and eventful little races. Welcome to the Cambell 2020 series. After a plethora of BBQs this Summer the Race officers had no other option... read more →
May 11
Mar 18