Mar 20

Goodwin 10 – Richard’s Report

Race Report: Not The Goodwin Downriver 19 March 2017 Unpredictable, gusty, erratic, fractious: These are just some of the words used to describe to language directed towards the Race Committee during the course of the race that was supposed to be The Goodwin Downriver. It had promised to be a... read more →
Mar 15

Goodwin 9 – Jane’s race report

I was surprised so many sailors turned up given the forecast was a measly 5-6 knots. But Southbank faith kicked in, and after an hour or so the tide had come up enough, and the wind had come up fractionally enough, to venture onto the Thames. We set a three-buoy... read more →
Mar 06

Goodwin 8 – Sara’s report

Well I did ask that people arrive on time for Sunday's race because of the late start time, but I was really taken aback that Renato, renowned for arriving half an hour before race start, was the first sailor to get to the club!  He wasn't taking any chances! The... read more →
Mar 06

Goodwin 7 – Henry’s report

Storm Doris had been and gone, but unsettled weather continued for race 7 of the Goodwin cup and the six boats taking part faced difficult conditions for the six lap upriver course. Of the Laser sailors Renato, Johnny and Joao confidently (or boldly) opted for full sails, with Amy choosing... read more →
Feb 19

Goodwin 6 – Downriver, 19th Feb

   Having delayed the race start time, panic swept the club as we rushed to avoid the tide turning before we reached the downriver buoy. With drone circling overhead, the fleet set off. Joe D scrambled to launch in time, while Graham and Peter were leisurely getting changed and agreed... read more →
Feb 15

Goodwin 5 – Joseph’s report

To misquote T.S.Eliot (horribly) : ‘A cold coming they had of it, Just the worst time of the year For a sail, and such a hard sail: The water cold and the weather sharp, The very dead of winter.’ Actually, the sailing wasn’t that hard, but the weather was sharp. ... read more →
Feb 15

Goodwin 4 – Renato’s report

There is a Spanish saying that goes like this ‘Nadar para morir en la orilla’ which translates into ‘Swimming to finally die at the shore’, I suppose you could also say ‘only to fall at the final hurdle’. Well that is how I see this race. It was a typical... read more →
Feb 01

Goodwin 3 – 29th Jan 17

It was a rainy, windy, cold January Sunday – what’s better than coming down to the club to sail off the End of Year Supper hangover? We had five standard lasers and an enterprise on the water for the Goodwin race #3, with four boats starting and Meg and Josh... read more →
Jan 15

Goodwin 1 – 15th January 2017

A grey and damp afternoon, with very little wind, greeted the few souls who turned out for the first race of the Goodwin Cup series. After much humming and a no little hawing, it was decided that a race could be held. Inevitably, our arrival at the slipway coincided with... read more →
Dec 11

Campbell Race – Sunday 11th December

The morning sun shone warmly as a good turnout of southbankers enthusiastically launched their boats onto a windless Thames. Apart from some inventive manoeuvring from Joseph to get above the line, the 13-strong fleet set off around a sausage course along the North bank. Potential new member Peter was kindly assisting... read more →