Nov 08

Campbell Race 8

Race Officers: Jane Deith and Elena Balycheva Safety Boat: Steffan Ciccotti and Laurent Gustin A great turnout at the club for the 8th in the Campbell series. Twelve boats took to the water, perhaps a little disappointed the forecast strong winds hadn’t materialized. A triangle course was set. But with... read more →
Oct 04

Campbell Race 3 – Downriver

Race Officers & SB1: Graham Douglas and Graham Bagnall Safety Boat 2: Digby Koe and Ollie Bennett Another day, another downriver race. Not much wind forecast and not much wind in evidence as a quorum gradually appeared in the lovely autumn sunshine. There was so little wind that the race... read more →
Sep 27

Campbell Race 2

- Race Officers: Carla Caturri-Gispert and Victoria Grubb - Safety Boat: David Fletcher and Patrick Chardon If you were not down sailing on Sunday you missed one of the nicest days so far this autumn; mild temperatures, constant breeze and slight gusts. The Thames barriers had been closed at low... read more →
Sep 13

Bernard Driver Race

Race Officers & SB1: John Parke and David Joo Safety Boat 2: Miguel and Rita Ferreira The Bernard Driver is our second oldest trophy race, it used to be held at the beginning of our winter series early in October to lead members back onto the water as the cold... read more →
Aug 23

Bevington Race 12 – Downriver

- Race Officers: Sally Pearce - Safety Boat : Dan Johnson and David Joo With a very variable weather report that had been threatening gale force winds and storms not unsurprisingly we had a minimal turnout for Sundays race. So few in fact that we at one point through we... read more →
Aug 02

Bevington Race 10

Race Officers: John Parke and Emma Koe Safety Boat: Peter Mack and Dom Polizic Even after a prompt briefing helms dallied about so that at the 5min bell 2/3 of them were still on the bank and of course a rowing centre pair chose that moment to go through their... read more →
Jul 19

Bevington Race 8

Race Officers: Ryan Fuller and Kate Paterson Safety Boat: Andrew Tasker and Ollie Bennett What a stunning day for sailing, the sun was shining and with a gusting 20-knot wind it could be the best SBSC day yet. The start time set at high water and a solid Westerly gave... read more →
Jun 28

Bevington Race 6

Race Officers: Carla Canturri Safety Boat: Sara Bennett and Ray Burnet It was an early start of a summery day: moderately high temperatures and a light breeze. The course was set to a boring sausage between two buoys, despite the cries for a more spiced up course… One buoy was... read more →
Jun 20

Ruby Bell Trophy

* Race Officers and SB 1: Graham Douglas and Sophie Henwood * Safety Boat 2: Giles Harrison and Keith Simms The Ruby Bell- A race where the sailors circle each other before the race and wait until the first one blinks. The challenge is to use the outgoing tide until... read more →
Jun 07

Bevington Race 5

* Race Officers: John Parke and Jesse White * Safety Boat: Peter Mack and Dom Pizolic The sun shone and the wind was easy, 2-3 N with a bit of E and pretty steady, but most of our keen sailors were in Turkey. The RO opened up waited. It was... read more →