Aug 02

Bevington Race 10

Race Officers: John Parke and Emma Koe Safety Boat: Peter Mack and Dom Polizic Even after a prompt briefing helms dallied about so that at the 5min bell 2/3 of them were still on the bank and of course a rowing centre pair chose that moment to go through their... read more →
Jul 19

Bevington Race 8

Race Officers: Ryan Fuller and Kate Paterson Safety Boat: Andrew Tasker and Ollie Bennett What a stunning day for sailing, the sun was shining and with a gusting 20-knot wind it could be the best SBSC day yet. The start time set at high water and a solid Westerly gave... read more →
Jun 28

Bevington Race 6

Race Officers: Carla Canturri Safety Boat: Sara Bennett and Ray Burnet It was an early start of a summery day: moderately high temperatures and a light breeze. The course was set to a boring sausage between two buoys, despite the cries for a more spiced up course… One buoy was... read more →
Jun 20

Ruby Bell Trophy

* Race Officers and SB 1: Graham Douglas and Sophie Henwood * Safety Boat 2: Giles Harrison and Keith Simms The Ruby Bell- A race where the sailors circle each other before the race and wait until the first one blinks. The challenge is to use the outgoing tide until... read more →
Jun 07

Bevington Race 5

* Race Officers: John Parke and Jesse White * Safety Boat: Peter Mack and Dom Pizolic The sun shone and the wind was easy, 2-3 N with a bit of E and pretty steady, but most of our keen sailors were in Turkey. The RO opened up waited. It was... read more →
May 17
May 10

Bevington Race 2

- In the Race Box: Joseph Cabon, Kate Paterson - On the Safety Boat: David Fletcher, Matthew Richardson A three-buoy course was laid that, if the wind had been from the south as forecasted, would have given a long run followed by a long beat back and a short reach.... read more →
May 03

Bevington Race 1

- In the Race Box: Emma Koe and Mark Fossick - On the Safety Boat: Hugh Spalding and Lydia Tapping Sunday 3rd of May was first race of the summer season and a few days before the general election. It was a bright spring day, although the prospect of the... read more →
Apr 26

Goodwin Race 13

- Race Officers & SB1: Stephen Barnes and Miguel Ferreira - Safety Boat2: Matthew Richardson and Rita Ferreira Another downriver race, which was fun again for me as I haven’ t done safety boat duty for a while so good to be back at the helm arf arf. After all... read more →
Apr 19

Goodwin Race 12

- Race Officers : John Parke and Rosie Spink - Safety Boat : Ray Burnet and David Fletcher In spite of a brisk forecast it was a straightforward comfortable wind about force 3 but NE-N so an anti-clockwise course was set to give a fast run back diagonally from the... read more →