Feb 14

Goodwin Race 6 – Downriver

Cold. Very, very cold. I arrived early, determined not to repeat the errors of my previous RO effort. Ah, well, the best laid plans.... The view from the front of the fleet. A gusty force 4 northerly breeze did not deter a full-rigged Laser (Renato) and Enterprise (Allan and Steph),... read more →
Jan 31

Goodwin Race 4 – Downriver

The wind and weather reports for the Goodwin Race 4 promised a very feisty day for this downriver. When the club opened it was wet, but the wind actually wasn’t particularly threatening. Within the hour we had six lasers and one enterprise. The lasers were for Renato, Steph, Jamie, Henry,... read more →
Jan 24

Goodwin Race 3

Sunny, an air temp of about 15deg, and a light SW’er with occasional gusts that an Enterprise would find “interesting” but strong enough to roll an unwary Laser, in short John’s weather, so of course I was in the office. Some fancy footwork switched Allan into the safety boat, Stephanie... read more →
Jan 03

Campbell Race 13

Race officer: Joseph Cabon Safety boat: Andrew Bates This is the story of a race that wasn’t a race. Four of us sat in the clubhouse staring out at the rain & listening to the wind, occasionally gusting at up to 35kms/hr, and wondering who would turn up. We were... read more →
Jan 01

New Year’s Day Fun Race

2016 arrived much as 2015 had departed, grey, windy and wet. This didn’t deter 6 of our members though and with the promise of shepherd’s pie and chocolates for afters, the first race day of 2016 was set to be a very social affair. With the customary chatting, tea drinking,... read more →
Nov 29

Campbell Race 10

Race Officers: Sara Bennett and Elena Balycheva Safety Boat: Tara Yamashita and Henry Cook If anyone asked me if I would prefer to be in the Race Box rather than out on the water I would say "you cannot be serious". But yesterday was different and different in spades.. Having... read more →
Nov 15

Campbell Race 9

Race Officers: Tim Bishop Safety Boat: Ray Burnett and Peter Mack The race having been moved from a morning downriver to an afternoon round-the-buoys because of the forecast high winds, I as acting RO set a port-hand 4 lap 3 buoy course. Cue much muttering, but for the forecast (SW... read more →
Nov 08

Campbell Race 8

Race Officers: Jane Deith and Elena Balycheva Safety Boat: Steffan Ciccotti and Laurent Gustin A great turnout at the club for the 8th in the Campbell series. Twelve boats took to the water, perhaps a little disappointed the forecast strong winds hadn’t materialized. A triangle course was set. But with... read more →
Oct 04

Campbell Race 3 – Downriver

Race Officers & SB1: Graham Douglas and Graham Bagnall Safety Boat 2: Digby Koe and Ollie Bennett Another day, another downriver race. Not much wind forecast and not much wind in evidence as a quorum gradually appeared in the lovely autumn sunshine. There was so little wind that the race... read more →
Sep 27

Campbell Race 2

- Race Officers: Carla Caturri-Gispert and Victoria Grubb - Safety Boat: David Fletcher and Patrick Chardon If you were not down sailing on Sunday you missed one of the nicest days so far this autumn; mild temperatures, constant breeze and slight gusts. The Thames barriers had been closed at low... read more →