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Campbell Downriver – Richard’s report

Sunday 20th October 2019 The Campbell Downriver originally looked like there was going to be no wind. Then it looked like there was going to be too much wind. But on the day we had perfect sailing conditions, even if a wee bit chilly for those unfortunate enough to find... read more →
Oct 30

Bernard Driver Cup – Henry Cook’s report

Sunday 27th October It was a beautiful, bright and cool day at Putney reach for this year’s Bernard Driver trophy race, which attracted a healthy nine boats. To fit with the event’s ethos of providing a slightly more challenging race, a ten lap course was set (laps to be reduced... read more →
Sep 23

Campbell 1 Downriver – Justin’s report

Sunday 22nd September 2019 A rainy day found the club in a dither: do we stay indoors and watch the end of England-Tonga on the nice comfy sofas, or get out there and face nature’s onslaught? Sailors at that point constituted Sally and a reluctant Mike. “Let’s call it in... read more →
Sep 01

Bevington 16 – Meredith’s report

Sunday 25th August 2019  Race Officers and SB1: Jane and Sina SB2: David F, Meredith and daughter Georgia It was the last race of the summer series and Bevington trophy, in scorching heat of 29C with SSW winds forecast 7 gusting 12mph.  A very warm start at 15.08  for the... read more →
Aug 19

Bevington 13 – Steffan’s report

Sunday 12th August. A windy summer's evening, with forecasted gusts into F6 meant downriver racing was changed to local racing. A long sausage course was laid between Crabtree Wharf and Putney Hard, with the additional tactical requirement to be mindful of draught as the fleet raced at the bottom of... read more →