May 16
May 10

May Day Race – Andrea’s report

May Day Race Report Sunday 1st May 2022 Race Officers: Jane S & Andrea S Safety Boat: Sina S & Manuel A The May Day Race 2022 was created today! Due to little wind, strong current and unequal starting conditions, the RO decided that this first race of the summer season... read more →
Mar 14

Goodwin 5 – Mike’s report

I arrived at the club a few minutes late on Sunday 14th to find a pleasantly surprising number of boats already out of the yard; some credited this to my dire warnings by email the day before, but personally I think that would be overestimating my influence over the sailors.... read more →
Mar 07

Sunday 6th March Goodwin 4 – Giles’ report

Sunday 6th March. Despite the forecast and the sunshine, the weather was Baltic – much colder than it seemed and a wind with attitude! Blowing pretty stiff and sort of from the North, but changeable and blustery – easily enough to catch the unwary. There were murmurs that the safety... read more →
Mar 05

End of year supper – Digby Koe’s review!

I hadn’t been intending to come to the boat club supper this year. It was largely due to the fact that I hadn’t really been sailing and it felt a bit fraudulent. However, it was really lovely to be prodded by Sarah the Vice, and so Emma and I bicycled... read more →
Feb 21

Just for fun races; Manuel’s report

Sunday 13th February - Short fun races. RO Lucy and Jane SH SB 1 James F and Manuel, SB 2 Sara and Karin A Six boats rigged for a set of three short races locally, in a grey 16-30 kts and 7 celsius. The wind was consistently moderate throughout the... read more →
Jan 21

Goodwin 2 Race – Mike’s report

Sunday 16th January. Eleven boats rigged for a local race in a cool and calm 4-11 kts and 6 celsius. The wind was light, but the club flag was generally in motion, so the race was on. I kept a strict schedule for briefings and hurried the boats onto the... read more →
Jan 17
Dec 07

Campbell 9 – Don’s report

Sunday 5th December 2021. What do you do on a cold wet miserable Sunday, apart from snuggling under a warm blanket with a glass of wine, watching the telly ? Go sailing at Southbank of course !  That’s exactly what nine members and eight supporters did - and great fun... read more →
Nov 25

Campell 7 – Tom’s report

Sunday 21st November. The first emotion I felt when I looked at Windguru on Sunday morning was envy … 12 gusting to 20 Knots with a 0° wind direction. A “True Northerly.” Wind conditions such as these do not get much better for our little stretch of the river for... read more →