May 16

Bevington series 8th May – Luis’ report

Sunday 8th May 2022

Race Officer: Luis and Bruce R.

Safety Boat: Fleur and Agnes

It was a lovely early evening for the first Bevington race of the series with 14 sailors and 13 boats competing; 4 Solos, 1 420, 1 Laser Radial and 7 Lasers .  Guided by Alan, Renato and Jakob a daring 3-point course was set extending from the mile point upriver to the Putney moorings downstream, with a rather ambitious 5 lap target. The wind forecast was 6 knots gusting 9, E/SE and high water at 20:30.

It took some time to get ready as the buoys had to be repositioned to make the course sufficiently large for the sailor’s aspirations. One yellow buoy seemed to drift so Agnes and Fleur removed it promptly and we resorted to the permanent red one.

The race started at 18:17 with a downriver start, a novelty welcomed by the sailors.

The first boat to complete the first lap was Renato’s laser in just under 20 minutes, with Jakob (Laser) at his heels. Allan, and James Channer were next in their solos, followed by Henry in a laser and then Sara also in a Solo. Mike de S, Ellie (Lasers)and Peter (Solo) were next, followed by Sina and Elaine in a 420, Ben, Jane W and new member Alex.

In the 2nd lap Renato was again the fastest boat, taking 21 minutes, with Jakob only a couple of seconds behind. Then the solos and Henry, and the remaining boats in the same order as before.

The third lap also took 21 minutes for the lead Laser to go around, at this point it was clear that 5 laps were hugely ambitious and SB Agnes let the boats know that there would be only 4 laps. As before, Renato, Jakob and James kept their pace, now joined by Henry who had caught up impressively, followed by the other Solos. Eleanor, Michael, Peter and Alex were next, Ben, the 420 and Jane.

The final lap had few surprises: Renato and Jakob crossed almost at the same time, then Henry, then the Solos, Mike, Ellie, Peter, Alex, Ben, Sina and Elaine, and finally Jane, who showed remarkable resilience. After adjusting for handicaps the Solos had their day, with Allan coming first, followed by James and Sara. Renato was 4th in his laser.

Luis Quiroga.