May 10

May Day Race – Andrea’s report

May Day Race Report Sunday 1st May 2022

Race Officers: Jane S & Andrea S

Safety Boat: Sina S & Manuel A

The May Day Race 2022 was created today! Due to little wind, strong current and unequal starting conditions, the RO decided that this first race of the summer season would not be part of the Bevington trophy series.

There was very little wind – SW 5 gusting 10 knots forecast – but just enough to race.  At the briefing the course was set as 5 x sausage laps and 1x triangle allowing the competitors to choose the order in which they completed the laps.   We also added the proviso that if the wind dropped we’d reduce the laps and ask the Sina and Manuel to the SB team to finish the race from the safety boat.

The eager competitors: Lasers – Jane D, Elaine, Patrick, Mike, Marco, and Ellie. Solos – Allan MF and James C.

The wind picked up just before the race began and our sailors were making good time to get on the water. But then some rowers blocked the ramp preventing two of our boats from launching delaying the race start. In addition the wind dropped and a strong current speedily swept four of the fleet upriver away the start line!  Rather than cancel the race the RO made a snap decision and started the race from the bank 3-2-1-GO. The four boats on the start line set sail and the other four were allowed to join in from their locations at the time. Sixty seconds were added to the finish times of the four competitors who didn’t make the start.

The fickle wind slowed everything down, the course was reduced to 4 sausage laps only and Sina and Manuel finished the race at the last buoy from the safety boat.

Because the communication for the change in starting procedure was not clear to all of the sailors, it was later decided that the race should not count towards the Bevington series. Hence the May Day race – We’ll have to wait and see if more races are added to the May Day category in the future!

The race winners: Ist James C Solo, 2nd Allan Solo, 3rd Jane D, and 4th Elaine.

Well done all.

Andrea Stadelmann.

PS  Just before the race started Karin A chugged past in her narrow boat en route to Kew with Seb as her assistant. Lovely to waive and make radio contact!  😀