Mar 05

End of year supper – Digby Koe’s review!

I hadn’t been intending to come to the boat club supper this year. It was largely due to the fact that I hadn’t really been sailing and it felt a bit fraudulent. However, it was really lovely to be prodded by Sarah the Vice, and so Emma and I bicycled down. When we arrived we’d missed the early evening exchanges, which by the look of the photos involved some lovely drinks during a beautiful sunset after a lazy sail to the pub. Sounded pretty marvellous to me. Everyone was in good form. It was great to see Allan, Steff, Jane and Sara, and lots of other old friends – and newer faces.

 The meal was of course outstanding. Not quite sure how Stefan manages to carry it off year after year. What an interesting and industrious character he is, I wish I could cook like him. I was pretty full after the salmon, but the calves liver or whatever it was for the main course was pretty astonishing and the lemon dish a delightful finisher. As the red wine flowed, excellent conversations were had and I really started to miss the place. If only I could sail a bit better. As dinner drew to a close, Armand (as he does) said a few words to capture the spirit of the club, how it stands for friendship, continuity and its welcoming spirit. He was right too, we all thought.  

Allan then gave his Commodore’s speech, rounding off the year, talking of the things that had been done, how the club  had been kept going and what we were looking to do in the year ahead. Obviously he didn’t say that the survival of the club, particularly through Covid and generally through the years since he arrived is almost entirely down to his dedication, selfless hard work and complete commitment, but he could have. Anyone who enjoys sailing at Southbank Sailing Club is very lucky that Allan Munro Faure is around.

The crescendo of the evening, its zenith, was obviously Ray Burnet’s prize giving. He made us all laugh as we toasted the omnivictorious Renato, the indefatigable Sara and some other surprising and not so surprising winners. Well done everyone, and especially Ray. Thank you too for all those who put such a lovely evening together and tidied it away afterwards.

It was a lovely way to round off a difficult year for us all, and hopefully the start of a better new one, notwithstanding the slightly worrying world events. At least we can all take comfort from the fact that there is such a friendly, relaxing and welcoming place as Southbank to fall back on. It’s time I went sailing again.”