Feb 21

Just for fun races; Manuel’s report

Sunday 13th February – Short fun races.
RO Lucy and Jane SH
SB 1 James F and Manuel, SB 2 Sara and Karin A
Six boats rigged for a set of three short races locally, in a grey 16-30 kts and 7 celsius. The wind was consistently moderate throughout the morning, even though it was expected to increase towards lunchtime. The group took a bit longer getting on the water, presumably having second thoughts about the wind and how to go in (in pairs, or individually). Club double-hander boats were used, with Jakob and Renato sailing their own Lasers.
James F and I got in the water early with the safety boat #1, dropping the buoys for the race. We ended up having to reset the buoys a couple of times to get the start line well aligned to a straight upwind start.
We counted two Xenons, one Laser 13, one Enterprise and two Lasers. The wind was strong enough to provide some great sailing, emotional tacks and jibes, and some capsizes.
The race started with a takeover of Renato over Jakob which determined the rest of the first short race. Renato won this first race, followed by Jakob, then Peter and Ellie in their Xenon.
At this point, Gary M and Patrick H had an issue with their Xenon boom after a spectacular capsize, forcing them to be towed back to the club by the safety boat #2 (with Sara and Karin) – by far the drama of the day.
Two other short races were completed, although the loss of battery in the megaphone made the race control effort a bit more complex.
We got back to the club and were welcomed by some warm baked potatoes with cheese and baked beans brought to us by Commodore Allan. Lottie’s sailing gear jumble sale went well and we enjoyed John S finding out how to get into a tight fitting drysuit!
Photos of the session here.
Manuel Antunes