Jan 21

Goodwin 2 Race – Mike’s report

Sunday 16th January.

Eleven boats rigged for a local race in a cool and calm 4-11 kts and 6 celsius. The wind was light, but the club flag was generally in motion, so the race was on. I kept a strict schedule for briefings and hurried the boats onto the rising tide. Jakob spotted a loose race mark, allowing Esteban and Josh time to wrestle it back into position as the countdown ran.
My fears that nobody would be able to reach the start-line in such light wind were generally unfounded, with the unfortunate Joker an exception, accounting for its long first lap time. In retrospect, the tide was being kind, with several “rungs” left on the ramp by the end of the race.
Able assistant Andrea and I attempted to take lap timings for each boat, mostly successfully; I made a mistake with Sara’s and Peter’s timings that I was unable to go back and correct.
The lap timings show a familiar story – with the eventual top two sailors Allan and Jakob showing extremely consistent lap times throughout; Jakob was first over the line, but Allan’s Solo won on adjusted time.
The drama of the day was provided by Ellie, who the lap timings indicate left the ‘pack’ behind during a lap 2 lull, took full advantage of a lap 3-4 breeze, overtook Allan on lap 4 and came in third place on adjusted time.
This graph shows the vessels’ lap times relative to Allan, the eventual winner, at the end of each lap, before adjustments for handicap.
Thanks as always to everyone, and happy birthday Secretary Jane SH!