Dec 07

Campbell 9 – Don’s report

Sunday 5th December 2021.
What do you do on a cold wet miserable Sunday, apart from snuggling under a warm blanket with a glass of wine, watching the telly ?
Go sailing at Southbank of course ! 
That’s exactly what nine members and eight supporters did – and great fun was had by all. The Glamorous Grandmas in the safety boat looked after everyone on the water. Nine intrepid sailors took part in eight boats:-  GP, six lasers and Solo.
There was a strong steady mainly northerly wind allowing for a triangular course with the first buoy on the Surrey Bank, the second across the river near Crabtree and the third in front of the white flats just up from Fulham football ground. They were asked to do 5 laps but all, apart from Renato, who had to retire because his downhaul snapped, decided that 6 was better. Hey ho, what do the Race Officers know?
Three of the lasers (Renato, Sally and Michael) and Solo (James) led from the start. Nevertheless, on each lap there were lots of changing positions, as shown by the GP (Ben and Jane) catching everyone on the up-river sections and falling behind on the run from Crabtree.
Happy to be in the warmth, the race officers didn’t object to the limited visibility through the rain splattered windows and relied upon Sara and her gang to report any infringements. Of course, there weren’t any !
Well done folks and thanks for the entertaining day. Special thanks to Skyla for her very efficient bell ringing to start the race.
Race officers: Don Henderson and John Salter
Glamorous Grannys: Sara, Terri and Nicci .
Race Results:
  1. James Channer – Solo
  2. Henry Cook – Laser Radial
  3. Sally Pearce – Laser Radial
  4. Michael de Selicourt – Laser radial
  5. Ellie Hanning – Laser 4.7
  6. Patrick Huge – Laser 4.7
  7. Ben Ridgwell & Jane SH – GP14
  8. DNF Renato Hidalgo – Laser Radial
PS – Wow, so lovely to see everyone at SouthBank ! Cheers Don.