Oct 19

Campbell 3 – Mike’s report

Sunday 17th October 2021.

Despite a gentle neap tide, a becalmed start to the day had the sailors and race team standing around hoping for an hour, before springing into action when the telltales in the yard hinted that wind was coming.

ARO Patrick was pressganged onto the safety boat to replace a sick SBA, nine dinghies launched and immediately started drifting astern in the lee of the south bank.

With an hour until predicted high water and nobody reaching the start line, the race start was hastily delegated to Renato and Patrick, who led the fleet into rougher waters and started a 7-and-a-half-lap sausage up the far bank.

Jakob, as is often the case, set the fastest pace, but the other sailors refused to be left too far behind, in particular Henry and James in Lasers, and Allan and Sara in Solos.

To prevent disputes over lap counts, RO Mike defined the “lap end” line in advance, and enumerated the leader’s lap count with a distant clanging of the bell.

Reports over VHF, and a retrospective look at the lap timings, confirm that the speed of both the wind and the fleet built throughout the race’s duration.

After seven laps Jakob headed for the finishing line, but Henry Cook (whom the data shows, in retrospect, had been sneaking up on him for an hour) seemingly came out of nowhere on the final tack to the finishing line and somehow leapt to a 24 second lead!

But the real heroes of the day were the two tenacious Solos, who with a 5 minute PY advantage over the Lasers, turned 80-second losses into decisive 3-minute corrected-time wins over the leading Laser.

Final results:

1: Sara

2: Allan

3: Henry

4: Jakob

5: James

6: Alan

7: Ellie

8: An impressive first-ever Laser sail by Fleur