Sep 24

Bernard Driver Cup – Ben’s report

Sunday 5th September 2021

Bernard Driver Cup

Race Officers – Jane SH & Ben Ridgwell

SB1 – Eric Morgan & Karin Andreasson

The Bernard Driver Cup is a local race with a longer and more challenging course, depending on wind strength and direction.

Unfortunately on the day the wind was less than an already light forecast NW Wind of 6 – 9 knots and the Thames barrier was closed resulting in no tide.

Nevertheless 6 lasers and 3 solos launched with a reduced course of 4 laps with 3 marks, 1 west of the club house and 2 just west of the Crabtree pub.

The already light wind dropped as the race started followed shortly afterwards by a prolonged period of rain although this did not prevent Renato taking an early lead.

Despite significantly reducing the course again to 1 lap and valiant efforts from everyone the conditions eventually led to 5 retirements and Renato first past the flagpole followed by Jakob, Allan and James.

A challenging day for all brightened up by the constant encouragement from Eric and Karin in the safety boat as well as the Chiswick Lifeboat running through the fleet at speed on a shout!

Ben Ridgwell.