Aug 27

Bevington 10 – Joseph’s report

22nd August 2021

In the race box: Joseph Cabon

On the safety boat: Sara Bennett & Allan Munro-Faure

A three-buoy, double-sausage five-lap course was laid, taking advantage of a good NW wind, 6-13 mph, hoping to both challenge & interest the sailors.

From the start Renato took the lead and, apart from one instance, stayed ahead of the field.  That one occasion was on the first lap at the second buoy, when all boats congregated and appeared to struggle to round it.  How the stretch of time seems to expand when looking at stationary boats through binoculars!  From the race box it seemed they were stuck for ten or twelve minutes, when in fact it was probably less than five.  A change of course was considered, but just then, one by one, the boats managed to round the buoy and the race continued as planned.

The closest racing was between three Lasers in second to fourth place on the water.  There were times when a small rug could have covered all three, so close were they to one another – and at the end only seconds separated them.

However, Peter in his Solo ended up second by fifteen seconds, even though he crossed the line in sixth place.

Results, after corrected time: 1st Renato (Laser), 2nd Peter (Solo), 3rd James (Laser), 4th Andrew (Laser), 5th Henry (Laser), 6th Seb (Supernova), 7th Ben & Eric (Xenon)

Big thanks, as always, to the safety boat crew, who remained vigilant throughout.