Aug 16

Bevington 9 – Jane SH’s report

Sunday 8th August 2021

Race Officer: Jane S-H with valuable assistance from Elaine

Safety Boat: Gary & Kev

It was a warmish cloudy day with SW winds 12 gusting 23knots forecast.

We waited for sailors to arrive and checked the winds again before setting a triangle course of 5 laps.

We had 5 boats competing; Laser rad (Henry), Xenon (Eric and Ben Roost), Solo (Allan), Solo (Peter)and Merlin (Andrew M and guest Carlos).

The race was started at 14.17 once all boats were on the water and they took off to the sounds of Fulham Football club fans’ singing and chanting.

The Sun came out at 14.29 and all looked beautiful as we watched the two solos and the laser raced around the course vying for first place with the Xenon behind them. Alas the Merlin had to retire early because of problems needing urgent repairs.

At 14.59 Henry was first to cross the finish line with Allan only 7 seconds behind him. And then at 15.10 as Gary & Kev in SB kept watch over Eric and Ben in the Xenon the sky went dark and the rain poured down soaking them all!

The final race results: 1st Allan, 2nd Henry, and 3rd Peter

Well done sailors and my thanks to Elaine, Gary and Kev

Jane S-H