May 17

Bevington Race 3 – Sara’s report

Sunday 15th May.
We had a good turnout of 6 sailors for the downriver race on Sunday –  5 Lasers, with Renato, James, Jakob and Seb with Laser Full rigs and Ellie on her first downriver race with a Radial, together with Peter in a Solo.
Jane was in charge with Kev as her assistant and John B and I in the second safety boat with his twins, Celeste and
Thalia, who both had a turn at driving the boat after Race 2 had started  – new talent for the safety boat!
All seemed to be going well until we tried to get Henry the Rigiflex to start, and then we had a fast and furious rushing round with different battery and WD40 trying to get the Down button for the prop to work, but no joy.  We quickly came to the conclusion we needed to try James, the other 4m Rigiflex, so with more battery swaps and a lot of crossed fingers, bingo, we had lift off!  Thank goodness for John, Kev and Seb  – my contribution was luckily confined to finding the spanners…..
Eventually we got sorted and with everyone onto the water, Jane started the race.  James went off to a great start, and the lead, with Renato on his heels and Jakob not far behind them.   Peter decided he was overheating in his wetsuit so went for a swim before Battersea Railway Bridge.  James and Renato sped to the finish line at the Pagoda in Battersea Park, with Renato coming over the line 1st, with James 15 seconds behind.
Race 2 started promptly, with Renato alone taking the Battersea bank.  James and Jakob got off well and took the lead, but gradually Renato persistence won out and came first over the line back at the club.  Jakob came 2nd over the line and James 3rd
On Corrected Time the amalgamated result of both races is as follows:
Renato 1st
Peter 2nd
James 3rd
Jakob 4th
Ellie 5th
Seb 6th
Well done to everyone, and especially to Ellie for coming 5th in her first downriver race.