May 17

Bevington Race 2 – Joseph’s report

Sunday 9th May.

Race Officer:  Joseph

Safety boat:  Esteban & Sara

With wind from SSW at 13mph gusting 25mph, three buoys were laid in a line on the Fulham bank.  The race was to be five laps, with a sausage between the first & second buoys.

Seven boats took to the water, six Lasers & a Solo.  All Lasers were with either 4.7 or radial sails.

The boats took only a couple of minutes to reach the buoys, then began the long & tricky beating back against wind & tide.  Nine boats from Ranelagh came along to sail in virtually the same water.  In the flurry of sails it was difficult at times to distinguish which sail belonged to which club.  After about 16 minutes Renato rounded to complete the first lap, followed by Henry, Peter, Jane, Ellie, Gary & Chris.  The race was shortened to four laps.  And it was the same order at the end of the second lap.  As the last loop started the only change was that Gary had overtaken Ellie.  Then a puzzling thing happened.  Renato, Peter & Jane started on a fifth circuit instead of heading for home.  A quick check with the safety boat confirmed that all knew the race had been shortened.  The other four sailors carried on as normal.

Final placings, after corrected time:  1st Henry, 2nd Renato, 3rd Ellie, 4th Peter, 5th Jane, 6th Gary, Chris DNF.

Big thanks to the safety boat crew, who did an excellent job.