Dec 17

An uphill race! Letty’s epic adventure on dry land in 2020


What started off as an idea to sail solo around the UK evolved into a 3-week bike adventure from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Although this was meant to be a more manageable challenge, I set off in September, apprehensive at the idea of completing the 880 miles ahead with little training and no planned route. I also hadn’t practised using cleats so when my feet got stuck and I fell off the bike into bushes for the second time on Day 1, I wondered what on earth I was doing. Determined to continue, however, the onward journey was sunshine filled, and satisfyingly with each day my fitness improved. My route followed the wild and remote Scottish West Coast. This was a highlight with its vast vistas and dramatic landscape.

The plan to enjoy the journey over a longer period of time meant fewer miles per day- I averaged 51 miles over 17 days- but the discipline of getting back on the bike each day pushed me out of my comfort zone. I hope (!) my mental resilience has improved as a result… When faced with horizontal rain and howling winds in Scotland, though, the temptation to stay under the duvet was real. I found however, as I do with sailing at SBSC, that whatever the weather, I never regret getting out there. Here’s to the next adventure!

Letty Morris