Sep 16

Campbell Trophy Race 2 – Steph & Esteban’s report

Sunday 13th September.

A great turnout with 12 boats under sunny skies and a steady gentle breeze. Jakob had an excellent start, Allan and Sally a terrible one, but they both managed to make their way through the fleet. 

Jakob and Renato vied with each other throughout, but Jakob was in dominant lead position until a mistake on the number of laps let Renato sneak ahead and win.  
Allan had made his way to a strong 3rd position on the water and was very likely heading for a win on handicap, but got stuck in the doldrums just by FFC within sight of the finish line.  Despite the light wind, Anthony capsized in the lead up to the finish, unexplainable even by him, losing a few places in the meantime.
A day of luck and bad luck all round!