Sep 09

Campbell Trophy Race 1 – Renato’s report

Sunday 6th September 2020.

On a historic day, SBSC returned to the normality of trophy races after a summer filled with an infinite number of joyful and eventful little races. Welcome to the Cambell 2020 series.

After a plethora of BBQs this Summer the Race officers had no other option but to feed the hungry members with five rounds of a double sausage main course on the Fulham side. Sara in her solo and Jakob in a laser had a good fight for most of the race leading a second group of boats with Andres, Seb, James C., Mike, and Allan with Leo closing the fleet.

Jakob crossed the line in first place with Sara only a few meters behind following him. However, Sara was on the South Bank when the tide hadn’t turned yet and she seemed to stop allowing Allan to sneak in from the far end at the Fulham bank where the tide is weaker. What a shame for Sara who sailed brilliantly for an hour and only lost the race in the last minute of the race and well done to Allan who has shown his knowledge of this river.

Leo in the streaker decided he had enough sausages for the day and retired on the last round and Andrew M. felt a little bit thirsty after so many sausages and thought he needed some water to pass them down and went into the river just before the finish line making him come 7th after being very close to Sarah most of the race.

Final results:

  1. Allan M-F
  2. Sara B(+7s)
  3. Jakob G (+1m 33s)
  4. James C (+3m 41s)
  5. Mike de S (+3m 56s)
  6. Seb G (+4m 3s)
  7. Andrew M (+4m 3s)

RO Letty M and Renato H