Dec 31

Campbell 8, 8th December 2019 – Joseph’s report

In the race box:  Joseph Cabon & Elaine Agius
In the safety boat: Jen Black & Sara Bennett
SBSC sailors shared the river with the rowing club next door, who were having a series of short races, with rowers dressed in Christmas costume.
There was really good wind from the west; 11-14 mph with occasional gusts of up to 31 mph.  An elongated triangle course was laid with (in theory) two long reaches & a short run.  Originally six laps long, the race was reduced to four after the first lap.
Ben & Sina in the Albacore led virtually from the start, remaining in front on the water throughout. Close behind, & seemingly tied to them with short elastic, was Renato in a Laser radial.  The elastic snapped on the third lap when Renato lost ground tacking to avoid the football club no-go area, and from then on there was a bigger gap between Ben & Sina and Renato.  Allan was third on the water all the way.  Further back there was another short elastic – this time between Henry & Jakob (both Laser radial), who had a race-long contest until, at the very last turn, Henry sneaked through to finish two seconds ahead of Jakob.
Only two people capsized, but everyone got back safely.
Big thanks to Jen & Sara in the safety boat.
Final results (corrected):
1st: Allan (Solo)
2nd: Renato (Laser radial)
3rd: Ben & Sina (Albacore)