Sep 16

Leo has left the building (for now)

A farewell to much-loved member Leo, deserved a fitting event.

Led by Chris B (race officer extraordinaire) with Ray and Jim C in the safety boat, a number of chaotic and confusing races was the main order of the day.
The “dizzy race” where everyone had to go round each buoy three times made for some close encounters (great to meet you new members Toby and Helena) and made some of us worry we’d have no club boats left by the end of the day.¬† In line with the style of the day most boats decided two turns was enough and rushed to the finish line to claim victory and improve their chances of winning the regatta’s prestigious Leo Spoon.
The “tennis ball” race had sailors turn into shotput wannabes as everyone quickly realised that throwing tennis balls at other boats (forcing them to either collect the ball or do a 360, or both – I was never quite sure to be honest – was a far more effective way to win the race than to try sail well.
Interspersed with these were some normal races but there seemed to be some confusion about what is normal (Pumping? Buoy touching? Beer drinking?).
Top marks to Mike who was spotted grabbing a lift from the (oblivious) 420 by holding onto its outhaul, as well as hugging the buoy on a number of occasions.
The day ended in true SBSC style with a big BBQ and twice as many diners as there had been sailors.
Many thanks to Chris, Erkka, Trish, Elaine and everyone who helped make the day so fun – and importantly everyone who helped clear up afterwards!!
Good luck in your next chapter Leo. You will be missed, but we hope you’ll be visiting us frequently!