Sep 01

Bevington 16 – Meredith’s report

Sunday 25th August 2019 

Race Officers and SB1: Jane and Sina

SB2: David F, Meredith and daughter Georgia

It was the last race of the summer series and Bevington trophy, in scorching heat of 29C with SSW winds forecast 7 gusting 12mph.  A very warm start at 15.08  for the eight boats and our ten liberally sun-screened sailors.

The course was from the club start line to a finish at the turn of the tide somewhere close to the Battersea pagoda. However with light winds the ROs marked the finish line just before Battersea bridge between an anchored a yellow buoy and the ROs in SB1 on the beach opposite.

Race A downriver: The jolly safety boat 2 crew at the rear of the fleet observed Jakob cross the start line first, followed by Chris, Alan, Peter, Sara, James, Jorik and Matthias.  And then some excitement ~ shortly into the race Jorik’s mast was pinned underneath Putney Bridge. He cleverly managed to free himself without safety boat assistance.

As the race progressed the wind grew rather shy.  We passed a floppy windsock at the helipad and James was spotted lounging in his Laser with his heels over the side and dragging in the water, a clever cooling tactic we admired.  Racers were over the line from 45 mins after the start.

Race A winners: 1st Allan (Solo), 2ndJakob (Laser), 3rd Sara (Solo).

Race B back to the club: After some cooling off on the beach (& RO Jane sitting in the mud) the tide turned and the race started at 16.22.  The wind picked up a bit and the boats were less spread out than during the downriver.  However, the little gusts weren’t to last and winds dropped off.  The helipad sock was again floppy.  At 5pm the river was looking more like a pond but our sailors made their way to the finish. In the race box, Sina was preparing for a photo finish as Allan, Sara, Chris and Jakob approach in tight formation but on the final 2m, a gust nudged Allan, Sara and Chris ahead.

Race B winners: 1st Allan, 2nd Sara, 3rd Chris B.

The overall winners of the race:

1st Allan 1:24:56, 2nd Sara 1:28:41 and 3rd Jakob 1:30:49