Aug 06

Bevington 9 – John’s report


Race Officers: John P and Abbi

Safety Boat: Matthias and Sebastian

It was a lovely day, it had everything from calms that would see you carried back just as you were about to win, to planing gusts that could have you over just as you were about to win. The Fulham builders had laid three large yellow buoys 10m out from the bank and on Allan’s advice the fleet was instructed to stay outside of them.

To celebrate the weather the RO set an old fashioned L shaped course, up the Fulham bank (to mark 2; port), across to the Barnes bank (to mark 3; stbd) back to the Fulham bank (now mark 4; stbd), back down the Fulham bank (to mark 5 stbd) for 5 laps. There was a lively but good-natured debate about the RO’s left and right hands which led to a vital consensus and off we went, except for Allan and Gary who it seemed were tuning their rigs very carefully and launched after the starting bell and so had to sail down river to cross the line.

Although boats were rounding mark 2/4 in opposite directions there were no difficulties. Jamie led to the Barnes bank, but Renato was not satisfied at being close behind him and took a chance on sailing the shortest distance directly back to mark 4 instead of laying off against the tide and so recovered his usual position.

At the end of the first lap it was Renato, Jamie then Chris who had been rolling in the gusts but, as is the nature of South Bank sailing, the wind had let him down 20m short and although he was still 3rd he had drifted back and lost ground.

They maintained these positions for lap two. Then Ranelagh came speeding up inside the Fulham buoys so Allan’s advice was forgotten and we sailed inside the buoys too.  Jamie had pulled ahead by the end of lap three.  And so the ding-dong continued with Jamie leading and Renato second !!

At the end of lap four Renato rounded first then Peter Mack then Jamie – but Peter rolled towards the end of lap five – and the finishing order was Renato, Jamie, then Peter and Allan together though of course Allan was 3rd on handicap.

The winners corrected times:

1) Renato 1:03:23

2) Jamie   1:05:50

3) Allan     1:06:23

John Parke (Race Officer)