Aug 06

Bevington 12 – John’s report

Bevington 12, Sunday 28th July 2019

Race Officers: John P and Martin G.

Safety Boat: Hugh and Roland

A grey day with a good, easy sailing wind, until a 23mph gust prompted careful sailors to promptly spill wind and so depower and then (as I can well remember) wonder how Renato managed to be 200m ahead. A pity to see only 8 boats out on what was a good sailing day.

All single handers; Leonardo (Streaker), Sara & Ben (Solos), Elaine (Laser 4.7), Jane D (Laser Radial) Renato, Peter M, Henry (Lasers).

The RO remembered that he had a reputation for setting interesting courses and so set a 5 lap square one taking the further rower’s mark as buoy B and the usual return past C & D down the Fulham bank. The westerly wind reduced the amount of tacking, but crossing the river and the tide, close hauled at the end of each lap from buoy D on the Fulham bank. Getting to buoy A on the Barnes bank, needed nice judgement and several boats were carried upstream above the buoy and so lost time tacking back to try again.

Before the start one of the above 23mph gusts had Sara swimming but she got back up and started with the fleet.

At the end of lap 1 it was Renato then Ben then Peter Mack. The  W wind tended to bounce of the Fulham river bank and the flats and during lap 2 Elaine got briefly stuck in the eddies.

At the end of lap 2 it was Renato, Peter then Ben, and Jane lost time in the eddies near the Fulham bank. By the time they got to the end of lap 3 the fleet was spread out over the course with (of course) Renato well out in front and beginning to lap the back markers.

Crossing to buoy A at the end of lap 4 the RO’s held their breath as Renato seemed to be on a collision course with a cruise boat but he beat that too and passed unharmed. Leonardo, still fairly new to the river, had trouble weathering buoy A.

Thanks to Martin the computer was brought to heel and made to do what it is supposed to do.  The final results: 1st  Renato 0:47:56, 2nd Ben 0:50:23 and 3rd Peter 0:50:30.

John Parke