Jul 19

Bevington 11 – Katharine’s report

Sunday 14th July Bevington Series Race 11

On Sunday at 10am with NNW Winds 8-9 mph gusting 14, preparations were underway for the Bevington Race around the buoys. RO Jane S-H and Assistant RO new member Katherine (that would be me!) orientating to the role. Jane with leg brace in situ did a great job “hopping” along to show me all the duties.

  • Put up transom pole opposite White line for the Starting point
  • Welcome sign for passersby’s to come and visit “the friendliest sailing club on the Thames”
  • Plan race course with help from Chris B and Elaine
  • Help with Safety Boat, as time permits
  • Sign On sheet
  • Set up RO desk, Digital clocks, Binoculars and an essential cup of tea-We were all set!

In the Safety Boat were Elaine and Anna R (also orientating to the role). Elaine gave an excellent overview of all the “bits and bobs” that needed to be checked on the Safety boat.

We had a fleet of nine boats competing: Two Streakers: Chris and Leonardo Z (in his new boat) and Lasers, with Joe, Renato, Henry, Steffan, Rex, Jakob sailing his newly acquired Laser for the first time, and his guest Vaughan.

A triangle course of 4 laps was set : going to the Crabtree buoy B (rounding to port), across to the Mile post C and down to the A buoy in front of the clubhouse.  To finish the boats had to round the A mark and sail back up across the finish line.

Barn Elm rowers were out in force causing congestion on the slipway so we delayed the start until all boats were launched. With the tide turning at 13:31, we started the race at 12:01:00.

Everyone was off to a good start, one triangle lap almost completed…when the wind suddenly died after most boats had rounded the mile mark. Photo (Two Lasers Wing to Wing at Mark C)  Our SB team reported “some boats were going backwards”…  RO advised them to ”keep going for 10 minutes, let’s see how things improve”.  But not much changed, so we reduced the laps from 4 to 3 and changed to a sausage course eliminating C and the need to cross to the Putney bank.  The remaining 2 laps around the sausage course A and B.

Alas Steffan and Rex struggled with the fickle winds and retired. The race winner Jakob had a great sail, that Laser really moves!  Chris was unlucky with the wind and was only 10 meters behind, when the wind died. From the race box we watched a wind gust push cause him to hit the last mark as he rounded it, immediately like the pro he is, he did a perfect 360 turn, before crossing the finish line!

Results after corrected times:

1st Jakob 1:07:27, 2nd Joe 1:07:45, 3rd Renato 1:07:53, 4th Henry 1:09:56, 5th Chris 1:11:35, 6th Leonardo 1:17:29, 7th Vaughan 1:21:31.


Katherine Conway (Assistant RO)