Jun 10


Bevington Downriver Series Race 6

After a fairly strong wind on Saturday, there wasn’t much left for any of the Sunday sailors. It varied between 4mph and 8mph, and at times it wasn’t fully clear to the Race Officer where it was actually coming from.

In the Race Officer Boat we had Kevin Heydenrych and myself, and in the Safety Boat we had Mike de Selincourt and Justin Lloyd Williams.

We had five boats, which was actually a good turnout given the wind. We had Jakob, Henry, Elaine and Seb in the full-rigged Lasers, and Allan & Steph in the Enterprise. Importantly, there was no Renato, which meant everyone was looking for a win. This was evidenced by the fact that a number of the sailors approached me separately with recommendations on start time, finish time and tides! How exciting.

With the tide turning at 14:30, we started the race broadly on time at 13:37. We had hoped this would at least allow a Pagoda trip and back, but this didn’t happen.

By the five minute bell, the majority of boats were conservatively still a fair distance from the starting line as they battled the strength of the tide and the lack of wind. Allan & Steph crossed the line first, followed by Jakob and Henry in second and third place. See video.

By the Putney boats, the two lasers and Enterprise were still trying to identify the wind, and Jakob alarmingly capsized trying to get the best out of his boat. By Putney Bridge, Henry had taken the lead but it was all change by Wandsworth Bridge where Jakob was gaining some good distance in front.



The winds was still very slow, so we decided to drop the finish line before Battersea Bridge. This would allow everyone to finish before the tide turned. Over the line first was Jakob, followed by Henry, Allan & Steph, Seb and Elaine. With handicaps applied, Jakob still won with Allan & Steph taking second place. The race back was on!

For the upriver race, we let our friends at Ranelagh Sailing Club through before the five minute bell rang. This gave us time to work out that the struggle upriver definitely needed the tide going in the same direction. It is difficult to see from the video who got over the line first, but it looks like Elaine did a great job on her starboard tack across a fleet on the port tack! See video.



The race then levelled off with Jakob and Henry having a great race for first, closely followed by Allan & Steph. The poor wind meant that the pack separated a little as some were able to benefit from the occasional helpful gust. We had the same finish pattern for the second race with Jakob again crossing the line first and Henry 2 seconds later. However, once the handicaps were added, Allan & Steph won the second leg.

Once all the times were combined and calculations added, Jakob won the race by 15 seconds for his first ever victory! I actually had to ask him to tell Steph this before we could announce this momentous news! The final results (including) handicaps were:

  1. Jakob
  2. Allan & Steph
  3. Henry
  4. Seb
  5. Elaine

All boats finished and no penalties awarded! Well done Jakob!