Jun 05

Bevington 4 Downriver 26th May – Esteban’s report

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to enjoy a downriver race from the safety boat at the same time as providing assistance in case of need. I had the opportunity to welcome our new club member Fatih Guler, who had only joined the day before during one of Sara’s tasting sessions, and volunteered to assist with safety boat the next day!!

Race Officer Jane SH with Anna were in SB1 with myself and Fatih in SB2. There was no need of assistance on this occasion, even if a couple of capsizes were observed!! It was a good opportunity for Fatih to get familiar with the river and basic safety boat manoeuvring.

During the day we had all types of different conditions, from sunny and calm breezes to some rain and strong wind gusts, taking our sailors by surprise – especially under the bridges.

We had Renato, Jakob and Elaine in their full-rigged Lasers, Allan & Steph in the Enterprise and Sara in her Solo.

We planned the race as per the usual format. Racing the first leg downriver to the Pagoda at Battersea and the second leg back upriver, starting at 13.25, almost at the scheduled time!!

Now to the race. By the five minute bell, the majority of boats were ready to depart with WSW carrying wind all the way down the river. A very fast race that took some 40 minutes, with the following corrected times:

Elaine 0:35:21 Well done Elaine (video below, but keep scrolling for the rest of the report!)

Renato 0:37:19

Jakob 0:37:21

Allan & Steph 0:38:13

Sara 0:38:15

Facing upriver, with the wind blowing in the opposite direction to the tide and the course, it took more than an hour to get back to the Club; Renato was first over the line (0:58:44), followed by Allan & Steph (1:05:18), Elaine (1:06:29), Jakob (1:07:22) and Sara (1:07:44).

The final results with corrected handicap times were:

Renato 1:36:03

Elaine 1:41:50

Allan & Steph 1:43:31

Jakob 1:44:43

Sara 1:46:35

Being my first race report, I hope to be able to improve my story in the forthcoming versions!!

Esteban Pacha