May 21

Bevington 1 – Jamie’s Report

By Race Officer – James Munro-Faure
My mummy woke me up from a deep sleep at home in my cot to say that as nobody had volunteered to be Race Officer, I had to do it.  Well I’m only just a bit over 1 year old, but I suppose I could give it a try.
I don’t know all the names of people who sailed but my Daddy told me it was Ben and Imogen in something called an Albacore, Henry in his Laser, my father in law Jamie (I do like Daisy) on his Laser, Renato (he always wins races apparently) and Leo with Jane (I asked for help from Tom and Freya but they were too busy playing with Jane SH upstairs).
I was bundled up into the big orange boat with Mummy Daddy and Sara and told to steer it and make sure to do it properly.  It was quite easy actually (see the video Sara took of me)and I even had time to take photos of the boats as well.
There was lots of chat and boats changing places and apparently at the end Renato won.  Again.  When I’m big Renato I’m going to try and beat you!!
Sara told me I needed to write down 1st 2nd and 3rd place but as I can’t write yet she said she’d do it for me
1st Renato
2nd Jamie
3rd Henry