May 10


Campbell trophy, race no.13, 21 April 2019

In the Race Box: Joseph Cabon & Meredith Gunderson

In the Safety Boat: Trish Gutteridge & Josh Mareschal

It was the sunniest & warmest of Easter weekends, long to be savoured in memory.

Four boats of four classes took to the water: one each of Enterprise, Laser, Solo & Streaker.

With the wind mainly from the east at 2-6 mph, sailors had to complete their rigging on the riverside.

The course was three circuits of a four-buoy lap, with a ‘sausage’ in the middle.

After a clean start all boats were bunched closely for the race to the first buoy, & from the race box, through the compressed perspective of binoculars, it looked for a while that they had all stalled in the light wind.  But there was movement, & Sara rounded the first mark after a little over six minutes, closely followed by Allan & Steph, Chris, Elaine.  By the end of the first lap Allan & Steph had moved into the lead with Elaine, Chris & Sara following through.  That first lap had taken more than 40 minutes to complete.  Just as the ROs were debating shortening the race to two laps, the breeze freshened, & there was good wind for the rest of the race.  Elaine had a very good second lap & was quite a way in the lead when starting the third circuit.  But alas it was not to be her day.  At the end Allan & Steph finished first, Elaine second, then Sara & Chris.  From first to fourth, all boats finished within 90 seconds.

Final results on corrected time:  1st Sara (Solo), 2nd Alan & Steph (Enterprise), 3rd Chris (Streaker), 4th Elaine (Laser full).

Our thanks to Trish & Josh in the safety boat, who remained vigilant throughout.

A super & plentiful BBQ followed.