Apr 12

Three score years and ten – celebrating our vice-commodore Sara!

By Sara Bennett

It’s quite extraordinary how the years rush by and one can suddenly reach yet another significant age virtually without realising it,  which I seem to have done at the beginning of April.
One of the most important things in my life over the time I’ve been a member – for pretty well 20 years now  – is this crazy wonderful brilliant club we call South Bank.  It has brought me things I could never have dreamt of; great new friends over the years, sailing on a river where the wind changes on the throw of a dice, but probably most of all the continuity of being involved with something which I’ve seen grow and flourish with people coming and going but all of them having a love of this great club.
Jane SH and Elaine very kindly organised that the club should buy me a cherry tree for my garden, which as you can see from the photo below is now flowering and will hopefully bring me a cherry or two this summer.
Very many thanks from me to everyone for this lovely present which I hope I can look after well and successfully over the years.