Apr 07


It was a busy day on the river because of the rowing 8’s Head of River Race.



This meant we had to get our boats off the water by noon so RO set a triangular course with only 4 laps. The wind was ENE 12 mph gusting 19.


Our three racers took Lasers; Renato and Henry C with full sails and Leo a  Radial sail. The RO’s Jane SH and Rob H had a clear view from the warm race-box and Elaine and Roland looking after safety on the water.



Race start 10.31.00

Lap 1 Renato was in lead from start and completed the first  lap in 10.43.39, followed closely by Henry and Leo.

LAP 2 Renato had built a substantial lead clocking 10.5.48, with Leo and Henry following in 10.53.48.

Lap 3 Renato increased his lead at 11.01 28,  Henry 11.04.28 and Leo at11.05.40

Lap 4 Renato was way ahead and .. yes … the race winner!

Race results with corrected times:

  1. Renato 11.10.47

2 Henry   11.15.43

3 Leo       11.17.21.

Rob Haddock