Feb 18


Race report – Goodwin 7 – 17.2.19
Ten boats took to the river for this race, no doubt drawn by the mild temperature, sunshine and steady southerly wind. Ben & Elaine were in the Albacore, Allan & Steph in an Enterprise, Sara, Graham and Johny were in Solos, and everyone else was in a laser with full, radial or 4.7 sail.
With the larger then usual number of boats for this time of year and the need to watch out for two of the rowing clubs holding a cup race it was not the smoothest of build-ups, but after a false start (sorry to all for that) the race eventually got under way. By then the wind had moved more to the south west, making it an easy decision to choose the Fulham side of the gate course that Gary and John in the safety boat had laid out.
Renato was ahead after the first lap, followed by the Albacore and Enterprise. By lap 3 Ben and Elaine were ahead on the water, making good use of the occasional stronger gusts which had caught one or two other boats out over the course of the morning. The fleet was spreading out, and the race was shortened to 4 laps to avoid continuing too long after high water. Corrected times results: Allan and Steph 1st, Renato 2nd, Ben & Elaine 3rd.