Feb 07


After some gentle snow fell during the week it turned out Sunday was a beautiful sunny day with enough wind to sail a four lap sausage on the north bank.

Six boats started at the usual 5,4,1,0 minute sequence. But suddenly a seventh boat appeared with Allan and Steph around 5 minutes late and when the rest of the fleet was already turning the first mark.

Sally and Henry had a good start and they both had an interesting battle with Martin, a temporary member who came to try the club and had sailed optimist, europe and 29er in Spain but never sailed a laser until now.

Behind them the second group was not far behind formed by Sara, Leo and Matthias. On corrected time Sara was probably leading the race.

The wind picked up a bit given the opportunity to hike at times and provided an exciting finish: Martin crossed the line first followed within just a fraction of a second by Henry who had a fantastic race.

Unfortunately for Martin he ignored the last mark on his way to the finish line and he had to be disqualified. We hope he joins the club as he has shown tremendous class being the first time sailing on these river waters and his first time on a laser.

However, there was a final twist and the winners were Allan and Steph who despite their late start, performed an impressive comeback and lap by lap showed their knowledge of the Thames and their skills on an Enterprise.

1- Allan-Steph
2- Henry +20s
3- Sally +56s
4- Sara +59s
5- Leo +3m 20s
6- Matthias +4m 55s
7- Martin DNF (+19s)