Feb 04


Campbell 4 – 27 January 2019, Erkka and Sina’s report

It was a very windy Sunday, 19 gusting 29 knots from the Northwest and as a result the scheduled downriver race was cancelled and we held a race round the buoys on the rising tide instead. There wasn’t much scope for complicated course layouts due to the low water, so we aimed for 5 (very) long sausage laps.


After the usual delay, the race was off to a smooth start with Allan&Steph in the GP14 first off the line, closely followed by Leo (4.7) and Jamie (Radial). Jamie managed to get ahead and had built a 30 second lead at the end of the first lap. Leo and Sally (4.7) followed.

The second lap proved more troublesome with Sara capsizing repeatedly not far from the upwind mark and, having noticed a hole in poor Conker, decided to call it a day and ask for a tow back from the Crabtree. At around the same time, the GP14 had a few near misses, Ben & Elaine went for a swim, and Gary retired after a few capsizes. Oh, and it was reported that Allan controversially dragged the buoy by a good 20m towards the shore.

Meanwhile, Jamie was steadily pulling away and Sally and Leo were battling over the second position. In Lap 3 Sally hit a gust mid-river, lost her rudder and had to seek assistance. The remaining four sailed another lap. Jamie was firmly in the lead and a tight battled between Leo, the GP14 and the Albacore was fought on the last straight. The GP14 edged ahead over the finish line, closely followed by Leo and then the Albacore.



With handicap the results were: 1. Jamie, 2. Leo, 3. Allan & Steph and 4. Ben & Elaine. Many thanks to Daniel and James in the safety boat!