Oct 14


I just watched Molly’s game last week, not by far the best movie I have seen, but it inspired the report…

A northerly light wind caressed the Thames on this gorgeous day, the players sat on their boats ready to gamble on the rectangular table set by the dealer using a gate course.



Anyone could have won this race and probably everyone was winning it at some point. It all started with low bets: a very bad start from a very good bunch of sailors: Sara, John and Jane, Ben and Sally, Allan and Anna Woodward, Jamie, and Leo. Blame was put on the noise from Fulham FC and on the big trees for blocking sounds from the bell and the view of the flags.

Since all seemed to hide their cards, Leo decided to bet and he took the lead at the first mark;  the others checked and followed him just to find the tide was still going strong on the south river bank. The pair of Jacks showed off their blue chips and wisdom on this tricky stretch of the river and they dominated the game against the tide on their way to complete the first lap. They decided to attack and went in for the kill but the wind just dropped and so did they. Jamie and Leo took advantage of that and completed the first lap closely followed by the rest of the fleet.

That took about half an hour and at that point the Race Officers decided to halve the length of the race to 2 laps avoiding the sailors being on tilt.

After the struggle on the first lap and as if expecting better cards, the sailors decided to try luck going to the other side of the river using the north buoy of the gate. This time it was the pair of Aces who had the upper hand and despite being last rounding the mark they got in front of everyone else who were probably feeling fooled by that magic trick.

That didn’t last for long and players started to fold on their way to the finish line. They all soon realised Leo wasn’t bluffing when he had the best start, he went all in and seemed to have the strongest hand as he was passing by Fulham stadium but Jamie who kept his poker face all he race raised his bet and in the last 20 meters overtook Leo.

Some would say it was all luck, was it really?