Oct 06


Bevington Trophy, 29 July 2018

Two safety boats were launched on this gusty day, with winds from 15mph to 30mph.

Four intrepid Laser sailors came to test their skills.

All four chose to use cut-down sails, three would capsize several times, two would retire, one would win the race by 11 minutes.

A three-buoy course was laid stretching from a little past the mile marker to Bishop’s Park.

In seemingly no time, the fleet was bunched at the top mark, & there the first capsize happened.  It was a hard beat back; three sailors kept to the wall, with Jakob choosing a line more to the centre.  Gary’s capsize lost him a lot of time.  Henry’s capsize soon after put him back several minutes.

Tom completed the first lap in 17 minutes, & was followed across the line by Jakob, Henry & Gary with the field now well stretched out.

Everyone was still game on the second lap.  Tom extended his lead.  Jakob capsized & was overtaken by Henry who, a few minutes later, himself capsized & retired.  Gary capsized twice on the second lap & he, too, decided to retire.  And so there were two.  The order did not change during the remaining laps. Tom crossed the finishing line approx. 70 minutes after starting the race.

Order: 1st Tom, 2nd Jakob, DNFs: Henry & Gary

It was an exciting race to watch, &, though frustrating at times, it must have been an exhilarating one to sail in.

Big thanks are due to the crews in the safety boats, who remained vigilant throughout.

Race officers: Joseph Cabon, Joe Driver