Oct 06


Sunday 12th August – Bevington Race 11

It was a good turn out with an eclectic mix of 5 boats joining for the Bevington Race this Sunday. With a lovely light- moderate breeze on the river bank (S-SW 10-15mph) Johnny (RO) set a course of 7 laps of a north – south sausage (mark “A” near the Crab tree and mar “B” level with the end of the Fulham Football Club).

Beer in one hand and launching pulley in the other, Johnny managed to coerce the sailors onto the water. In true laid back SBSC style this meant that we finally got all 5 boats afloat by 2.40pm.

On the water we had Ben and Sina in their splendid new boat Blæk, Jamie in his Laser, Chris in his Streaker, Sara in her Solo and finally Alan and Steph in Alan’s Enterprise.

Baby James, who was running operations along with 7 week old Freya and Tom from the club house, thought it was only fair to give them a bit of time to try and get up river. A start time of 3pm was decided. Taking our orders, Johnny and I rang the 5 minute bell.

Typically, the wind dropped to an abysmal breath and both Jamie and Chris found themselves washed down the river with the tide. While Steph and Alan paddled hard and clung to the southbank shrubbery near the clubhouse, Jamie managed to grapple his way back up to the start line with only a few moments to spare.  With the sounding of the 1 minute bell the safety boat dropped Chris back to the start line just in time for the race to begin.

All 5 boats ploughed down the river to the first mark at breakneck speed. As the boats came around the mark to head back up stream the progress slowed to a standstill. It was somewhat like watching the Salmon Run and so it was looking likely that the initial plan of 7 laps was possibly a little ambitious. Ben and Sina, who had made a brilliant start, were struggling up the far riverbank and Jamie appeared to be having mixed luck with sudden gallops of progress followed by becalmings. After 2 laps taking almost 40 minutes and with such stop start progress it was decided that we would do just 1 final lap, making it a 3 lap course.

In the final lap the tide began to ease and Chris, who had started the race from behind was closing the gap from the rear.  Alan and Steph pulled away to take a comfortable lead with Ben and Sina following them over the line just a minute or so later. Sara came flying over the finish line with a final surge of power, followed by Jamie and Chris. Taking PY into account it was looking like it would be a very close race!

With technology failing us Johnny and I manged to recover enough GCSE maths between us to calculate the corrected times as follows:

1st – Alan and Steph (00:58:30)

2nd – Sara (00:59:09)

3rd – Chris (01:00:17)

4th – Jamie (01:03:45)

5th – Ben and Sina (01:03:54)