Jun 11


You are about to read a rather sketchy race report as I have almost totally forgotten what happened all those weeks ago.

It was a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon and I do remember there being minimal wind. In fact Most people thought not enough for a race. Sara however, made a desperate plea to race as it is the one thing she looks forward to each week. So the boats were dutifully launched.

The course was sausage like. I think. Possibly not. 3 laps were sailed.

The race was fairly undramatic. UNTIL ……… Jamie literally pipped Renato at the post. You couldn’t have made it up and seeing was definitely believing. Lottie and I had a great view from the race box. Jamie appeared to have his very own, private piece of wind that blew only him at a considerably faster pace than Renato was drifting at. And so, this extraordinary piece of luck, resulted in a supersonic win for Jamie.

I have now just realised why Jamie has been so keen for this race report to be written.

Luckily Daniel took lots of photos from the safety boat.