May 21


It was a glorious hot sunny day – the kind of day Southbank Sailing Club was invented for.
We had six boats for the downriver and a better breeze than expected. At the start Allan & Bob were over the line so had a bit of extra sailing to do. Sara shot off like a bullet, with Leo S (Argentina) in pursuit. Iwas thinking of the great football world cups of the past as Leo Z (Italy) chased Argentina!
Sina and Josh were doing some good hiking in the GP 14. It was gusty in places, very still in places. Jane and Jane in the RO safety boat worried the wind was dying and laid the buoy too early in retrospect – the tide had more to give. Leo (Argentina) – who now looks completely at home in a Laser – crossed the line first, although Sara was close enough behind to win the downriver leg on adjusted times.
We sailed down to Battersea Reach for the second start, to give the sailors more of race on the return leg. It looked like a mostly satisfying sail back – with good wind and the sailors changing places all the time. Argentina and Italy seemed to be having their own private race – you couldn’t put a red card between them for most of the way.
Apparently Sina & Josh andAllanand Bob had an ‘interaction’ at some point -and a capsize. But I didn’t see it and there wasn’t much reported damage so we’ll leave that on the river!
Sara found a lovely gust past Putney Bridge and nipped across the line in front of the pack.
Overall results, on corrected times:
Allan & Bob
Leo S
Josh & Sina
Leo Z
Mattias & Aurelie
Thanks to Jane SH for the race and the cool orange squash!