Apr 12

Goodwin 15 – John’s Report

A light, mild day that seemed fit only for up and down the Fulham bank maybe 5 laps to shorten if necessary. Then the wind freshened a little so smart call to the SB to lay a third buoy on the Barnes bank as usual. No Renato, so no real competition for the MF/ST team so going to be difficult to write an interesting report.

Then as the one minute bell was late most of the fleet made for the line even though the zed board was still up and seeing that Allan was some 20-30 metres from the line, the RO said it was the start. The zed flag/board promptly jammed at the top of the hoist and added to the confusion but gave the rest of the fleet a good one minute start.

Not that did much good, at the end of the first lap the order round the Putney mark was Allan+Steph, Sally two minutes later, then Sara. It was going to be another walkover.

This was getting monotonous something ought to be done.

Then we noticed that baby James and the two people looking after him were missing from the club room!

We had been told that they were Stephanie’s brother and his partner but where had they gone? If we relayed a message to Steph that would certainly interrupt their progress.

Naturally one hesitates.

Nine Ranalegh boats sailed through our fleet, turned their top mark and came back across the river to turn the red can just above the club house.

Meanwhile the GP 14 had at last passed the Crabtree mark 20 minutes behind the leader and so we discussed shortening the race, it seemed to be prudent and we got the safety boat to shorten it to four laps.

Now then what about baby James?

Oh! There they all were on the towpath beneath the balcony.

The wind strengthened enough to knock Leo over and Sally, who had hoisted a full main and had to spill wind, was dropping back. A & S had lapped the GP and was heading for the line.

The final order was Allan & Stephanie, Sara then Jacob. No sooner was Sara over than the wind inverted her Solo and when she eventually righted, it knocked it over again.

The safety boat was busy lifting the top marks so it was a cold wet Sara who came ashore.