Feb 07


It was an early start on a cold winters day and a phenomenal ten boats took to the water for the second race of the Goodwin Series. There were eight laser standard rigs, an albacore and a solo. With so many in the same class, it would make for some exciting racing.

There wasn’t much wind forecast, so we had five laps of a sausage close to the Fulham wall. As the boats were launching, the wind started picking up, so the sailors patiently waited while the buoys were moved to make the course longer.

There were a few big gusts coming through, which for the smaller sailors proved to be a challenge; El caught a gust on a dead run 30seconds before the start bell and nearly capsized. As the starting bell went, she managed to gybe towards the line, but with the rest of the fleet having a good start, it would be difficult to catch up. Sally had a fantastic start, with the rest of the fleet hot on her tail.


On the first reach down, Jamie’s out-haul came out of the clew and Jane Deith capsized. The safety boat went to Jamie’s aid, as Jane righted her laser. El caught up with the fleet, as the Albacore with Ben and Sina rounded the mark first. The mark was very congested. Renato came round second, Sally in third, followed by Sara in Conquer the solo, Allan (in a laser!), Josh, Jakob and El. Jane capsized again on the approach to mark A and Jamie had to retire.

Josh and Jakob had a great first reach, catching up with Allan, whilst Renato and the Albacore storm ahead. Renato and Albacore retained their positions until the end, but as the Albacore has the faster handicap, had the Albacore got enough of a lead on Renato to get first position?

El and Sally kept swapping places throughout the race, just as Josh, Jakob and Allan did. Josh was ahead of the trio, but capsized on his third lap giving up his position to Allan, followed by Jakob. Jakob then overtakes Allan on the reach to the second buoy, but Allan takes the inside route, being able to call water on the buoy and regain his position. He tacks too fast, stalls the boat and Jakob rounds behind him and stalls in a windless patch. However Jakob gets passed him, and gets ahead.



Jamie relaunches his boat during the third lap and keeps pace with Allan, Josh and Jakob. Who knows what would have happened if it were for a dysfunctional clew strap?

Sally capsizes on her fourth lap, giving her position to El. On the fifth lap, they round the final buoy with Sally rounding it ahead of El, however El has faster boat speed but Sally crosses the line a quarter of a boat length ahead of El.

The final positions were Renato, Ben and Sina, Sara, Jakob, Allan, Josh, Sally, El and Jane.