Jan 29


It was the last day of the year 2017 and while many people were getting ready for the last moments of a fantastic year, a selected group was determined to ensure they ended up the year even better coming down to sail.

Ms Sara Bennet CAMBPELL decided to stay in the safety boat and enjoy her well-deserved triumph on the homonymous trophy. Congratulations VC.



The course wasa3 lap triangle +  sausage which always makes it interesting and can open the race using the tactics of the river.

Ben and Sina in the Albacore had a good start and were followed for a while by a GP14 helmed by Allan and with Steph and little James in her tummy as crew. The race was close for one lap butBen and Sina made the most of thespeed of the Albacore and had a commanding lead at the end of the race.


Henry Cook and Hugh Spalding had also a good battle for a couple of laps but Henry managed to put distance after the 2nd lap and secure the third position in the race.

Final results : Ben and Sina, Allan and Steph, Henry Cook, Hugh Spalding and Andrew Godwin (thanks to David Joo for assisting with the safety boat)


See you in 2018!