Jan 20

End of Year Supper and Trophies Presentation 2017

The end-of-year supper was a great event as always. Here are the results!

Trophy Results

Goodwin (Spring) Series: Renato, Allan, Amy, Henry C, Johnny, Ben, Jamie, Jane D, Joe

Bevington (Summer) Series: Renato, Sara, Johnny, Ben = Jamie, Allan

Campbell (Autumn): Sara, Renato, Allan, Ben, Amy, Henry C, Jakob

Overall: Renato (18), Allan (30), Sara (41), Amy (62), Ben (66), Henry C (75), Johnny (91), Jamie (98), Sally (136), Jane D (159)

Crew Trophy: Steph, Sina, Bob, Jane SH, Rita, Matthias, Digby = Josh

Single Handers: Renato, Sara

Double Handers: Allan, Ben

Downriver: Allan, Renato, Sara, Amy, Johnny, Ben = Jamie, Sally

Ruby Bell Trophy: Sara, Jamie, Ben + Sina, Jacob, Henry C, Armand + Rex, Elaine, Ana G

John Cope Trophy: Carla + Sina, Ben + Josh, Henry C

Bernard Driver: Race cancelled due to lack of wind


Thanks to Sara, Jane SH, Ray, Allan and Emma for covering many extra duties.

Thanks to Sina and Andy T for helping with race spreadsheets and attendance reporting.

Well done to Digby and Henry K for a great recent result in the (rarely victorious) Xenon!

Finally, thanks and well done to Jamie for the delicious 3-course supper he served for the evening!