Nov 26

Campbell Downriver Race – Tim’s Report

Weather – Sunny, cold

Wind – F3/4

Course – There and Back Again

Competing Boats – Albacore 1, GP14 1, Solo 1, Lasers Various

Downriver Start – Almost on time!!

Dead RO Boat Batteries – !

Safety Boat Swaps – 1

Downriver Race – Uneventful

Downriver Finish (OTW) – 1st Ben and Sina (Albacore) 2nd= (We can only time to the second!) Jakob (Laser)and Leo (Laser) 4th El (Laser) 5th Joshua (Laser) 6th Sara (Solo) 7th Amy (Laser) 8th Henry (Laser) 9th Allan and Stephanie (GP14)

Tea Break – RO and Assistant (I say assistant, but Ana did all the important stuff)

Upriver Race Start – Yes

Upriver Race – Windier?

Capsizes – 3?

Upriver Race Finish (OTW)- 1st Ben and Sina (Albacore) 2nd Allan and Stephanie (GP14) 3rd Henry (laser) 4th Amy (Laser) 5th Sara (Solo) 6th Jakob (Laser) 7th El (Laser) 8th Joshua (Laser) 9th Leo (Laser)

OVERALL (Corrected Time) 1st SARA (Solo) 2nd Ben and Sina (Albacore) 3rd Allan and Stephanie (GP14) 4th Amy (Laser) 5th Jakob (Laser) 7th El (Laser) 8th Joshua (Laser) 9th Leo (Laser)

Comments Timings worked OK. Overall OTW time about 2.5 hours. (Much longer than RTB races?) Thanks to Jamie/Nick for coming back to lend us their boat when our battery died. I suggested the upriver race was windier, but that may have have been because it was to windward and wind over tide. The muffin was lovely. Full results in the usual place. Thanks to all.

Tim (RO)

Bonus photos from the bridge by Leonardo Z!