Sep 18


7 dinghies started Sundays venture under a somewhat gloomy sky.  The armada comprised 5 lasers (Amy, Elaine, Sally, Henry C and Ian), a 420 (Ben and Sima) and an enterprise (John and Jane).  After much discussion regarding the conditions: wind approx 4,  NNE to NE – course was prescribed as two bouys upriver and 4 laps with a starboard lap  around the markers.  The lasers all opted for full sails.

The start – 11.45am 


Amy was first over the line followed closely by Henry and Sally; Ben and Sima were last over but quickly caught up.

The 4 lasers tacked it out for the lead round the first lap completing it with Henry half a length in front of Amy followed by Elaine sneaking just in front of Sally – though Sally quickly reversed that in the next leg;  – the J&J were 5th with B & S 6th in the 420 and new boy Ian putting in a respectable effort at the back.

The wind picked up during lap 2 – the safety boat requested an extra lap for the race as the current course felt quite short and fast.

Ben put his spinnaker up and at the end of the lap it was Amy first, Henry a boat length behind, then Sally and Elaine, J&J,  the 420 and Ian steadily bringing up the rear.

Lap 3 –   Plenty of tacking and quite slow on the downriver leg as the wind dropped. Henry and Amy were neck and neck as they approached the lap end. Amy kept the lead chased by Henry in lap 4,  Sally next, then Elaine – but the 2 doubles fighting to get round with the 420 on the outside coming later.

At the finale the first 6 boats finished over a seven minute period:

Amy 12:21:40

 Henry 12:22:43

Sally 12:23:40

Ben 12:27:09

Elaine 12:28:09

J &j 12:28:27

Ian 12:37:16

After adjusting for the handicaps the results are Amy, Henry, Sally, Ben and Sima, John and Jane, Elaine and Ian.

The Safety Boat and other participants opted for further unrecorded fun racing for a further  half hour or so.