Sep 10


The Thames barrier was up. The current was kind. The wind was building. 12 boats were launched under a rather ominous grey sky. Jamie proudly unwrapped his sparkly new boat. A sight to behold.

The boats were started just as Ranelagh sailed past. This did not amuse the race box as it made spotting our boats much harder.

Renato completed lap 1 first. Closely followed by Steph and Allan, then Jamie in his beautiful new boat. Fourth round the buoy was Graham and his son Peter. Jane was spotted having a tricky time with her rudder.

Lap 2 was finished in the same order as lap 1. Only more spread out. The rain tried to start. Ranelagh luckily disappeared back home. Anna retired and The Joker capsized in front of the race box.

Lap 3 finished with Renato streaks ahead of the fleet. Amy had gone up the positions to fourth with The Koes closely behind. Once Henry fixed his rudder they gained speed. Chasing Amy down the penultimate leg. The Douglas Duo were now lieing sixth with seventh nowhere to be seen.

Long story short;

Renato crossed the line first.

Allan and Steph

Jamie, who ran aground just short of the finish line which in fact cost him third place to Amy on handicap.

Amy (final 3rd)

The Koes and their tricky rudder

The Douglas Duo

Eleanor (after being  reminded to cross the line)

Jane and Justin

Leonardo (towed)