Sep 05



It felt quite windy especially after yesterday when there was absolutely no wind.

Four boats on the start line. Allan, Steph and bump, Renato, Henry C and Christina. Three lasers and an Enterprise.

After a briefing by Allan the sailors were off to complete the 5 laps set. I was left to track down a small child to ring the start bell.

Having found rather a lot of children the bell was forceful rung and the race started.

A fierce battle was fought on completion of lap 1 between Allan and Renato. Renato won. Just.

Lap 2 saw the fleet of four begin to spread out. Renato followed, not so closely now, by Allan, then Henry and Christina.

Lap 3 began in earnest. Henry hot on the heels of Allan and Steph. Christina sailed brilliantly, bringing up the rear.


I think the wind may have dropped a little for lap 4. The sailors may disagree with me. But it certainly felt less breezy on the race box balcony. By now Renato was clearly in the lead by a small country mile. Followed by Steph and Allan, Henry and then Christina.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ranelagh appeared. Making viewing slightly tricky.

The fifth lap was fairly uneventful except for the approaching black clouds and me being very keen that my boys not get soaked by the impending rain.

So in the end, Renato crossed the line first, followed by Allan and Steph, then Henry and lastly Christina.